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Integrative Nurse Coach for cancer patients & survivors and those with chronic disease

Holistic care that treats the patient, not just the disease. Our coaching sessions will focus on all aspects of health and well-being, encouraging you to thrive in spite of your diagnosis

Nutrition & Hydration

Eat real, whole foods that nourish your body and mind


Follow a regular sleep schedule that allows for rest & repair

Human Connection & Relationships

Spend quality time with your people. Humans are meant to connect with others


Protect yourself from environmental toxins that can harm your health

Emotional Well-Being

Maintain a healthy nervous system by managing stress & prioritizing what makes you happy


Improve your overall health and quality of life through an exercise routine that you love


Find purpose and fulfillment through creative expression

Health Responsibility

Take control of your health and improve how you feel

As an integrative nurse coach, I believe that health does not come in a pill, but rather in the daily choices we make, the choices that make up our habits. It involves our relationships, sleep, nutrition, activity, support and mindset.

” Live life when you have it.
Life is a splendid gift –
there is nothing small about it “

Who I work with as an integrative nurse coach


After 12 years of traditional nursing, I decided to change directions. I wanted to specialize in an area of nursing that honored the Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotional-Environmental connection. I wanted to care for the patient, not just focus on the disease. It’s a simple change in perspective, but it’s a change that can make a world of difference.

True healing starts with connection, relationship building, love, laughter, truth, compassion, and presence. As a student of the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy, I am offering free coaching sessions that address all aspects of health & healing, so you can find resilience in the face of adversity.

* Due to licensing requirements, I can only work with individuals residing in WA state.

Here is how nurse coaching works


We will schedule a 15 minute phone or video conference where you can tell me a little about yourself and I will explain what to expect during our coaching sessions.

Complete a comprehensive health questionnaire

I will review the questionnaire prior to our first coaching session. Ultimately, the direction of our session is up to you, but the health questionnaire can help to provide direction.

Guidance with diagnosis and treatment

If necessary, our initial visit will consist of working through any questions you have about your diagnosis and treatment plan. We will then brainstorm ways to holistically address problems of greatest priority.

Subsequent sessions to monitor progress and reevaluate priorities

Your needs will change over time and it is important to consistently reevaluate health goals and measure progress of interventions.

Frequently asked questions about nurse coaching

What is integrative nurse coaching?

Think of nurse coaching as a partnership that focuses on the well-being of mind, body and spirit. We will work together to ensure you feel empowered to make treatment choices and play an active role in your own  healthcare. With so much information out there, it can feel overwhelming to sort out what is relevant to you. Nurse coaches help to sort out ambiguity while offering evidence-based integrative approaches that can improve your quality of life. The goal of nurse coaching is to help people achieve their greatest human potential despite adversity.

What can I get from a nurse coach that I can’t get from my healthcare team at my physician's office?

Despite their best intentions, doctors and nurses working in our current system of healthcare just don’t have the time to sit down and make an individualized care plan with each patient. As nurse coaches we focus on your strengths,  listen to what you are saying and what your needs are, and then figure out a plan of action. This may include reducing stress, sleeping better, eating better, looking at relationships, letting go of what no longer is serving you, etc. Nurse coaching focuses on enhancing habits and behaviors that will lead to the well-being of mind, body, spirit.

How many coaching sessions do I need and how does group coaching work?

This is unique to each individual. Before starting our coaching sessions I will ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that touches on all aspects of health. In our one hour session, there will be time to address one area of health. It is recommended that you have at least one followup session to evaluate progress and determine what works and what doesn’t. Depending on your individual needs, you may need only 2 sessions while another person may need several sessions to address multiple aspects of health.

Group coaching is meant to bring individuals of similar circumstances together to further facilitate a healing environment. Sharing ideas, stories, motivation and accountability can be encouraging and help boost positivity.

I don’t know what I want to discuss during our coaching sessions; can you guide me?

Imagine this: You’ve just made a new friend whom you feel compelled to share your greatest fears, hopes and goals with. Think of our coaching sessions as a time to let down all barriers, unleashing your true self. You will receive my undivided attention while I listen with care and presence. The comprehensive health questionnaire is meant to serve as a guide to determine areas of greatest imbalance, but most people find that just opening up will reveal a depth of possibilities.

What is expected of me during and after our coaching sessions?

Integrative nurse coaching is not a band-aid approach to healthcare. Shifting behaviors and habits is hard, which means that the individual must be committed to take responsibility for his/her own health. As a nurse coach, I’m here to guide you with positive reinforcement and encourage change that is purposeful and sustainable in the long-term.

Is nurse coaching covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, nurse coaching is not covered by insurance, but as a community we are advocating for this, as we truly believe that nurse coaches serve an essential part of healing our broken healthcare system.As an integrative nurse coach student I am taking on 10 individuals free of charge for three one hour coaching sessions. I will also be doing group coaching and healing circles. Please contact me directly for more information.

Does a nurse coach provide medical advice?

Nurse coaches do not give medical advice, but rather they promote and facilitate the growth, healing and wellbeing of the whole person by using modalities that integrate mind, body and spirit. Think of a nurse coach as another member of your healthcare team. It is not a role of a nurse coach to medically advise the individual, but rather we work to empower the individual to make their own decisions while providing resources and guidance.

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